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Steph's Lash Boutique will exceed your expectations. Once we determine which service is right for you, the treatment is completely personalized to fit your unique needs and ensure the best possible results. Clients can rest assured that they will enter a beautiful, clean and private place of business that will ensure their highest level of comfort.


Classic Lash Extensions

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What to Know About Classic Lash Extensions

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Hybrid Lashes
Volume/Mega Volume

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid eyelash extensions (hybrid lashes) are the half way step between a classic set of eyelash extensions and a volume (Russian volume) set.

A 50/50 mixture of 1:1 lashes and the handmade fanned, volume style lashes (NOT cluster lashes popped on – this is cheating and terrible for the natural lashes!) they are stunning, textured and give a life-like, non-uniform lash look.

Also referred to as a ‘mixed set’, they are versatile in offering a thicker, denser look than classic lashes, but without the uniformity and softness of a typical Russian volume set.

They can also be a great way to achieve that staggered look made popular by Kim Kardashian, by using longer classic extensions interspersed with shorter volume lashes.  They’re perfect for anyone wanting to add a bit of extra drama to their classic set, or for anyone wanting to test out volume lashes without fully committing. 

If you’ve been thinking of upgrading your classic set, we can pretty much guarantee you will love hybrid lashes!

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Clients will need to return for infills to keep their lashes looking their best.  Infills are the removal of extensions that have grown out and twisted, and replacement of those extensions that have naturally shed with your natural lashes. Clients must return with at least 50% of their set remaining, otherwise this will be classed as a full set and the full set fee will apply. Clients that attempt to return for an infill outside of the designated infill time frame set by their stylist, may be charged for a full set of eyelash extensions due to the additional work required to rectify the set. 

If you are having a problem with your lashes done elsewhere (i.e. twisting, irritation, shedding quickly) please don’t request an infill on them. I probably won’t be able to, and it may be disappointing to you that I won’t infill them when you come in. Bad work is not fixed simply by applying more lashes. It is best to book a removal and a new set.

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